Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bye Bye Cherry.... hello NIcki!

Hello dearest lovely readers and fellow bloggers.

*** Spoiler alert: This post is a slushy one....***

This is my last post on The Cherry Blog (sob) I'm not leaving blogland forever as I already have a shiny new one over here - and I would LOVE you to join me on Nicki's Notebook, but five years on The Cherry Blog has naturally come to a finish. 

You may wonder why ending a blog is an emotional thing, its just words on a website right? Well, yes, but its also the longest diary I have ever kept of my own life. 

This blog began in 2008 when I was in a very black hole and needed something, anything to pull me out of it. Blogging was lesser known back then, and I thought it seemed like a nice way to think out loud, be creative and make new connections along the way. 

Boy did it do just that! 

It got me outside on frosty mornings taking photos again. It got me writing once more. It got me a job in marketing. It got my confident back, to set up an online vintage shop. It got me guest writing for blogs in America. It got me sent first class to Brussels, for free, just to celebrate blogging. It made my online shop take off that I quit my job and opened an ACTUAL boutique on the high street. I, the once young intern, became the BOSS! I got so busy I lost sight of my lovely little blog and now I know its time to move on.

Scrolling back throught the archive I honestly can't believe the changes this blog has captured. I have had my heart broken, and admittedly broken a few hearts along the way. I have met family in America I had never seen. I have lost loved ones to cruel cancer and felt so lost. I have made remarkable new friends and been on adventures, and drifted from others. Three tattoos, one car crash, five relationships, ten house moves and one vintage business later and here I am. 

* cue slow-mo movie montage moment*

So, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has ever commented, cared or enjoyed this five year blog of mine. I'm going to continue reading yours with a cuppa, and I hope you still would like to carry on the next chapter with me on Nicki's Notebook.

You can expect honesty, silliness, styling and of course, vintage darling.

The Cherry Closet vintage will now be trading under my shop brand 'What Alice Found' - its all the same lovely stock just leaving the cherry behind.

Much love xxxxx

Nicki xxxxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013


They just don't make coats like this today. Sigh. Beautiful. X

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow day

 Snow at my lodge today. 

Cue instagram and lots of cups of tea. 


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2013 , let's go!

Happy belated New Year!

January kicked off with a bang already in vintage land, I can't quite believe its been a week already since my last post.

My New Years resolution was a very simple one this year. 

I normally have a specific and long list of goals (It's the Virgo in me) but this year it just felt very easy, and very clear what kind of 2013 I want:

" Be better to me "

The last two years since the boutique and vintage styling business opened have seen me work more hours than my entire working life!  A sad loss in my family also made 2012 a year of stretching myself emotionally, physically and professionally.

Insomnia has played havoc with my health, along with grief and not wanting to say no to any opportunities sent my way in the first 18 months of self employment, and its only now the year is over that I can honestly look back and see how utterly fraught with supressed emotion it was! I dont even think I was able to truly appreciate and enjoy the wonderful moments enough, always scared if I stopped - for just a moment - I wouldn't be able to start again.

So, this year - whilst my business will be pushing forward as always, I have promised msyelf to take better care of me, consciously.

Pay more attention to my health, diet, dreams and  'me' time.

This week I have bought myself my favourite flowers (can't wait for a man to!) to decorate my home, a vintage copy of Vogue from September 1984 (the month I was born), signed up for Graze boxes to be sent to the shop so snacking becomes more healthy, and signed up for a oil painting class on a whim!

Feels like a good start to the year already.

Happy New Year everyone, here's to a happy new you too!


Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Eve Moodboards

Well - New Years Eve is here!

What are your plans

I have, as always, yet to figure out how I'm going to see in 2013, leaving it until the last minute to see how I feel and where I wish to be. 

Part of me wishes to be dripping with glitter and too-high heels dancing the night away, whilst another part of me feels a budget cosy night in with a glass of wine and blanket is just the ticket. 

Honestly, 2012 has been a personal and professional rollercoaster and I'm looking forward to kicking off a new year with new dreams and priorities. 

Whatever your plans are - have a great one, thanks for stopping by - and see you next year!


New Year Vintage Ideas

For the party that sparkles....

For the Bond Girl in you..... 

 For the girly side that loves a good bow ....

 For a New Year night in....

 All available at The Cherry Closet


Friday, 28 December 2012

All about the birds

I hope you all had a VERY lovely Christmas! I enjoyed some family time and ate too much - but it all seemed to be over too quickly and it was straight back to work in vintage land for me!

 I watched 'The Girl' on Boxing Day - Sienna Miller in her portrayal of actress Tippi Hedren and her working relationship with Alfred Hitchcock after he plucked her from obscurity and made her the starring role of spooky thriller 'The Birds'. 

I'm a huge Sienna fan, and thought she played the part very well, it was fascinating to watch and when I returned to the vintage boutique an outfit jumped straight out at me for such an iconic movie!



I had some black birds tattooed on my left wrist two years ago, so think it only right at some point in my life I dress up like Tippi as Melanie Daniels in 'The Birds'. 

Who's on your dressing up wish list?


Thursday, 20 December 2012

24 Hours in London Town

I was lucky enough to steal away 24 hours in London last weekend, to see friends before Christmas and have some 'me' time (much love for this!!)

If you EVER get the chance to go to a movie 'quote along' - do it! It's utterly hilarious. 
I saw Mean Girls at the Prince Charles Theatre - and hearing an entire audience shout "I want my pink shirt back" in unison was just awesome. If you're a fan of a movie - check out their future showings and talk along to your favourite lines!

Later that night I dined in the glam and girly gorgeous Rock and Rose in Richmond with friends, the food was insanely delicious and the decor felt like an opulent film stars boudoir.

The next morning I lost myself in the magic of the Tim Walker exhibit at Somerset House, followed by a few hours exploring Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Shoreditch. 

My fave new haunt is the Vintage Emporium, a Victorian themed tea room with a shop in the basement with museum quality clothes and accessories up to the 1950's.

Having a 24 hour hot date with your countries capital and its culture is always a good idea...


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Vintage Christmas Gift Ideas

We have been busy compiling a vintage advent calendar gift a day guide at the Wonderland boutique, it's fun helping our customers select the perfect gift from our shop - all items are one off and utterly unique, something for different personalities!

We also decide to run an exclusive MEGA Christmas Giveaway - a hamper full of vintage goodies worth over £100 to one lucky vintage lover. For a chance to win - you can head over to the What Alice Found Facebook page, simply 'like' it and share the picture below on your own profile / page for a chance to win!

Good fun huh? If you are still looking for a vintage party frock we have a delicious sparkly and glam selection on The Cherry Closet too....

Happy Vintage shopping folks :)


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

When I am old I shall wear purple...

... and hope to look as badass as these women via advanced style.

I absolutely love reading Ari Seth Cohen's blog advanced style and seeing the older generation of fashionistas he so brilliantly captures. 


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

All that glitter, and all that gold

Today I am mostly feeling....bluegh. 

I'm hoping most of you know what I mean by bleugh...

The universal word that describes a feeling of uselessness, no energy, sad-but-don't-know-why and unable to focus on work, feeding oneself or figuring out why staring into space is todays only goal. 

Have thus decided to post an array of pictures of gold, sparkly things to force myself out of this odd Tuesday slump and feel twinkly, or at least inpsired. 

I think its working. I paused momentarily then to put the kettle on - this is massive. 

If you want some sparkle every day pop over to my friends blog 'Liv The Sparkly Way' for a daily dose of prettiness and nice writing.

In the meantime forgive my bleugh blogging and if you see me, shake me til I start dancing. 

P.S Those diamente starbucks take away cups are hideous, tacky AND I LOVE THEM


(Images via The Cherrry Closet weheartit stream)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Very Vintage Christmas - Pearl Lowe

 This week I have finally fallen into Christmas 2012. 

I try to resist most years until December 1st as I get fed up of Christmas adverts dominating the TV and radio waves, and festive cards appearing as early as September in some shops!

BUT.... when you get to spend a day at Pearl Lowe's vintage styling Christmas workshop in a beautiful house in Somerset, amidst sparkly decor and vintage lace by a fire.... you can't resist. 

Such a magical, inspiring day - Pearl and her creative director are both lovely and I adore her event styling.

The ideas and suggestions made on the day have been incorporated in our Alice boutique Christmas window display. (Pics to follow)

I accidentally stayed until after midnight to finish it. Apologies to my upstairs neighbours who may have had to endure an eclectic mix of me swearing at baubles up a ladder, rock music and old Christmas records. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Home is where my retro heart is

Decided last week to redecorate my living room 1960's style, after 3 months of living in my new home and, well, doing absolutely no proper settling in whatsoever!

Work and 'life' takes over and not spending much time at home has left the new pad a little under appreciated. 

Not any more!

Cue roaming flea markets, vintage furniture outlets and retro design mags a plenty! Its such a fun decade to work with interior wise, and I will share my finds and ideas along the way. 

Creating a retro home on a budget is fun, and takes time - but should be worth it. 

Cocktail bar anyone?


Thursday, 8 November 2012

I spy with my vintage eye......

....Our mustard yellow pleated midi skirt on the ever-stylish Samantha from in the latest issue of Vintage Life magazine!

Samantha looks lovely and has been a great customer of ours, she wrote a super article for the magazine and love that our clothing has been featured. 

High five y'all


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thank you GRAZIA!

Over the moon at our Vintage HQ as this week's GRAZIA Magazine has named our Alice in Wonderland themed boutique  'Best For Vintage' in the South West!

Our Cherry Closet dress is even on the front cover! 

Getting recognised by national glossy mags is such a great feeling for a small independent company like ours, and putting Bournemouth on the map for fashion and culture. 


(Think a cheeky glass of Champers might be in order)

Much vintage love


Thursday, 18 October 2012

The whole wide world

My obsession with buying vintage globe lights continues. 

I have five in our store for sale and snuck this one home with me, they just throw out the nicest soft vintage tones and this one glows softly in one corner of my bedroom. 

Tis' the small things in life, eh?! 


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

All Hallows...

Vintage Hallow e'en inspiration in our window at the moment.....

Vintage veiled skulls, antique books and shattered mirrors at What Alice Found.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Music Video Style

I have always been a mega music video addict. 

As a child I would sit for hours in front of the music channels recording all my favourite videos - whether I liked the song or not - onto VHS so I had a permanent collection!

The styling, editing, visuals of a three or four minute video that you lose yourself in only enhanced the music for me - I even went to University to get into the industry, but after three weeks switched to fashion journalism after our course fell through.

My cousin's husband lives and works in Hollywood as a music video sound editor, and I'm forever asking him annoyingly endless questions about the whole process, and my biggest guilty pleasure (on the rare occasion!) is curling up on the couch and watching music tv.

My latest video obsession is 'Losing You' by Beyonce's effortlessly cool sister Solange Knowles. The tone of the whole video - with its muted colours feel like polaroid photos have come to life. 

Solange's eclectic outfit ensembles of tribal prints, denim, neon suits , leopard print shoes and american diner bustiers look incredible set against the warm light and dusty ruggedness of Capetown, South Africa. 

Surrounded by 'Le Sapeurs' - the well dressed dancing men of the Congo whose flamboyant style are based on "French Dandies" this video has been on repeat for me on YouTube today!

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